The Woodsworth College Students’ Association is seeking consent from its members for an increase to its fee. Currently, the fee is $7.50 per fall and winter sessions (full and part-time), and $15.00 per summer session (full and part-time). The proposed increase is $ 5 per fall and winter sessions (full and part-time) and $ 5 for summer session (full and part-time).

The proposed fee increase would allow The Woodsworth College Students’ Association to increase its services and events and sustain current programming. If approved, we would plan to expand popular services including increased office hours and increased availability of discounted Toronto event tickets. This would also allow us to maintain the low cost of services such as 5 cent printing and locker rentals.

With the additional fees, The Woodsworth College Students’ Association would also be able to increase the accessibility of resources (for example, accommodating dietary restrictions at social events and WCSA Wednesdays). We would also have increased flexibility to offer a wider variety of events for the diverse community of Woodsworth College.

If the increase is approved, the total fee for the Woodsworth College Students’ Association would be $ 12.50 per fall and winter session (full and part-time) and $ 20.00 per summer session (full and part-time) and would be charged to all Woodsworth College undergraduate students beginning in the fall 2018 session.

The Question Will Be:

Are you in favour of an increase in the Woodsworth College Students’ Association fee as described in the preamble?


What is a referendum?

  • A referendum directly reflects the opinions of individual members of an organization on a given question. In this case, do you agree to raise the WCSA student fee by $5 per semester?


Why is the Woodsworth College Students’ Association holding a referendum?

  • WCSA is always on the lookout for providing enhanced advocacy, and better services to the students of Woodsworth College. Despite representing the largest student body on campus, WCSA is currently charging the least amount of compulsory non-academic fees to its membership, which would inevitably lead to financial challenges for providing quality services. WCSA is holding this referendum to adequately respond to student needs by providing the finest opportunities and resources.
  • These extra funds will be allocated at the budget retreat by the board of directors over the summer. The board will have liberty to allocate it to the different portfolios. Woodsworth College has a large number of portfolios, including Academic Bridging, Mature Students, Part Time Students, Mental Health, and more that could benefit from increased funding. In order to better respond to these needs, we believe that this financial uplifting will help all portfolios to hold more events/workshops and start new initiatives.


Important Dates:


Thursday January 25th – 7pm

Kruger Hall

Come ask all and any questions you may have about WCSA and the referendum.



Monday Feb 5th 12:00am – Friday Feb 9th 11:59pm

Vote on the referendum at  (24/7) or at one of our poll clerk stations outside Kruger Hall and in the Woodsworth Residence Lobby.

In-Person Voting Hours
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
WW Residence Lobby 11am-12pm



11am-6pm 11am-12pm



2pm-6pm 1pm-6pm
Mini Kruger Hall 11am-1pm








If you have any other questions we invite you to reach out to members of our Board of Directors and visit our office hours. 
Alternatively, you can view our Referendum FAQ here.
If you still have any outstanding questions or concerns or would like to voice them anonymously you are welcome to submit a question to our Referendum Q&A Panel here.
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